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Behind the Darkness

Where Evil Gives Birth to Death


Control is a Delusion…


Control. An elusive, yet greatly-coveted power, sought after by the young and the old, the wealthy and the poor. Can it be bargained for? Bought? Seized? And if attained, how much control can a individual actually wield? 


Pittston Police Chief Brent Lawton is about to share a story with his wife that will affect both of their lives forever. Listen with her as she receives the account of a twenty-five-year-old man, endowed with an array of unexpected supernatural powers and sent on a chilling mission to protect the life of a fifteen-year-old pregnant girl named Elizabeth. 


Journey into a realm of spiritual beings that few believe exist, and find out if one person's good intentions can be enough to stop the murderous plans of an ancient, evil enemy. 


Who—or what—is really pulling the strings to life and death? 

Welcome to the Otherealm, where heaven, hell, and man battle for the soul.


Reviews from the Readers

W. Franklin Lattimore propels himself into the ranks of powerful storytellers like Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker. Not only does he weave tales of intrigue, intelligence and deep characters, he does it with the bold courage to rip the curtains away from dark truths, which is too often lacking in authors today. The result are fascinating stories that will leave you excited and shaking and flipping pages faster than you can say, ‘Holy cow!’

— Robert Liparulo, Bestselling Author of Comes a Horsman,

 Dreamhouse Kings, The 13th Tribe and The Judgment Stone

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