Old Jeep (2023)

     For one man, life can easily be summed up with two simple words: money and influence.

     For another, life is a sum of its missing parts—friends and a wife whose lives were cut short.

     The paths of these men will cross, and one will present the other with what sounds like a simple question—a question that will ultimately change both of their lives forever: "Are you the one?"


Old Jeep - A WWII novel about the fear-filled memories that one man—Gaylord "Jeep" Patterson—fought long and hard to bury and forget. He succeeded ... until one fateful day in which he lost his wife. Now he must find the one who is to hear his story before he, too, dies.

A Year Behind (2024)
     Two couples—best friends—who go caving—spelunking—endure a terrifying underground experience and discover that they've been shoved backward in time exactly one year. They quickly learn that their situation will not just be a matter of watching themselves replay the past 365 days.
    No, it couldn't be as simple as all that.
    Faced with witnessing all four of their doppelgangers play out what has already happened, they soon come face to face with the stark reality of who they really were as people, both in public and behind closed doors.
    Each of the four has some explaining to do as secrets are revealed.
    Their past decisions and behaviors, though, cannot be easily undone.
    Or can they?

    Questions develop:
    • What will happen if any of them decide to intentionally interrupt the lives of their past selves?
    • What kind of impact will manipulating their pasts have on all eight of them?
    • If those re-experiencing their lives don't do anything to keep their past selves from reaching the end of the year, will they, too, be sent back in time?
    • Is it possible that they have already been through all of this before?
    • Are they destined to go through all of this again?
    • What if, in order to prevent that possibility from occurring, they force their former selves to make different life decisions? But wouldn't that cause their present selves to cease their own existence?

  Four very different individuals have one year to figure out the answers to these questions. Yet one question—pondered in the mind of one of the four—may cause all of the other questions to become irrelevant: What will happen if one of them decides to "fix things" by murder?