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Deliver Us from Darkness

W. Franklin Lattimore

When Darkness Comes

W. Franklin Lattimore

Behind the Darkness



My friend Cheryl gifted your Deliver Us from Darkness book to me. It's definitely a God story how that all happened. ... Just wanted to say I loved your book! I cried through the last few chapters ... You write well but more than that, this book was used by the Lord to further confirm something He has been speaking. Your book had a specific purpose in my life and for that I thank God that you wrote it! I pray a blessing upon the work of your hands, Frank. May all your stories turn hearts toward the Great I Am.


​A few nights ago, one of my oldest

and dearest friends called me to tell

me he wanted to talk to me about something... What followed was a long night of praying. I over-nighted my

copy of Deliver Us from Darkness to him. Tonight, he called to tell me he

had renounced Satan and all his

filthy minions. He prayed the prayer of

salvation. Tomorrow, he's going to

church for the first time since we were teenagers!


I just wanted to say something. I bought a kindle the other day with the specific purpose of buying and reading [Deliver Us from Darkness]. I'm about halfway through it at the moment. I've already cried a few times and also identified with Brent's initial trouble. Thank you for writing this book. I have been reminded that I have to take an active stand against the attacks of the enemy, no matter the form of attack. I've also been reminded how much God cares and how much He speaks if I have ears to hear. Thanks again!




W. Franklin Lattimore is the author of the Otherealm Saga which debuted in 2014 with Deliver Us from Darkness. Books 2, When Darkness Comes, and 3, Behind the Darkness, round out the series to this point. The fourth book,  That Dark Place, is currently a work in progress. His former involvement in the occult as a teenager was the springboard for writing the Otherealm Saga. Now a committed Christian, his books are written as a wake-up call to those dabbling in, curious about, and heavily active in witchcraft and other "spiritual" activities. His books are also designed to educate Christians on their position and authority in

Christ and their responsibility to make Jesus known to their communities, while possibly taking some risks to do so.

     Frank is a graduate of Kent State University, with a B.A. in Political Science. In addition to his formal education, Apologetics (the study of the evidences supporting the Christian faith) and Creation Science are favorite areas of study. He's active in his “Rockin” church and in his free time enjoys hiking, biking, ziplining, fishing, riding roller coasters, target shooting, and eating crispy BBQ wings.

Delivered from Darkness * - Frank Lattimore
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​​​In these streaming audios (left), I share my painful past—personal encounters with darkness—that led to the point in my life where, with no hope, someone came to my rescue.


Note: The rocky relationships within my family were healed in the years that followed. We're all blessed to be in each others' lives. God does wonderful things! In the WQTT Radio Interview, I inadvertently stated that my brother had been 4 or 5 years old, when, in fact, he had been 6 or 7 at the time.

WQTT Radio ** - Frank Lattimore Interview
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*  Recorded at Marietta First Church of the Nazarene

** Edited for Time. Audio from Facebook Live broadcast at WQTT Studio.


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June 10, 2020:

The wait is finally coming to an end! The final installment of the Otherealm Saga is now complete! June 10, 2020 marked the final day of first-draft writing of the novel That Dark Place.


There is still work to be done, like a second draft, then two courses of editing. But, after that, the manuscript goes to the publisher.


Hold on to your hats, folks. This story is going to be exactly what you want to finish off the series!



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